• ImgManaging Director

"Indebted to ensure a conducive environment for all the employees to deliver the optimal performance… SILK needs to be the cross thread of the steel fabric of our nation’s steel applications. By 2020 SILK needs to be a 200Cr company with world class production of Fabrications and casting. Wishing Good luck for all the employees and associates."                                                                                                                                                        --SURESH PULLANIKAT
                                                                                          (Managing Director)

  • ImgChairman

" We are poised to Re-direct the company’s course of action to achieve newer heights in business and creating more opportunities in higher engineering applications.With the open hearted support from the state Government,the company will achieve substantial results in coming days."                                                                                                                         --K Radhakrishnan                                                                                                                 (Chairman)