General Engineering Works, Thuravoor(GEW) has a strong history of exquisite craftsmanship and engineering in the steel products and services arena. Having an excellent background with extensive range of products and services in steel furniture, steel fabrication and heavy engineering , GEW has gained an enviable position in goodwill and reputation . The unit has recently upgraded the machines to improve quality of products and services and to expand product range. In order to enhance the business prospects, management is planning new projects and services like security and surveillance systems , Lighting ,Food courts, Steel Foot Over Bridges, Hi. The steel furniture show room getting inaugurated shortly will surely be a unique customer experience.

Salient features

   No screwed joints
   Wedge type systems as locking device
   Very easily detachable and can be quickly assembled
   Better re-use of the structurals


   Scaffolding structurals are mainly used in :-
   Ship building and maintenance
   Construction of multistoreyed buildings
   Staging of high rise slabs
   Construction of bridges and other structurals.

The division also undertakes manufacture of steel furniture for hospitals, educational institutions and government offices.